How we started

Biocence is a technology that synchronize the oscillatory rate making it safe and non toxic. However, it still kills 100% of the bad stuff in under 30 seconds. This technology leaves nothing behind to mutate into a future resistant superbug. It has been tested in BSL 2, 3 & 4 laboratory’s without harm to healthy cells in multiple studies verifying its effectiveness. After submitting the findings for peer review and meetings with the HHS, we filed with the FDA for an NDC drug listing #59998. (2003 – 2010).

In the fall of 2013, Biocence Technology-BGP presented its technology via its water soluble product to Vizient’s (previously named Novation llc) New Technology Expo and to the Vizient Wound Care Council. After review the data and selective testing in clinical settings through their Wound Care Network, the Wound Care Council voted unanimously that Novation (now called Vizient's) should award Biocnece Technology-BGP “Biocence” a New Technology award.


Our People

Who we are

We are a group of Bio scientist, Medical professionals and Clinicians. Biocence Technologies has a network of consultants and people who have fallen in love with Biocence and support getting it to as many people that need it as possible. 

Because the company is so small, it is still driven by a passion to help people stay as healthy as possibly with a botanical solution and in reducing health care cost.

We are honest about our botanical technology because people need it and are searching for a natural and healthier solution that is non-synthetic that supports and nurtures beneficial microbes.

Biocence Technology offers continual support of all users and distributors with individual clinical edification and group or company training programs. It is also committed to training healthcare professionals about how to maintain ingress and egress into each of the healthcare environments with the reduction in health care cost by way of practicing Functional Medicine with Biocence Technology.

In fact, Biocence Technology's oath of commitment is to donate 10% of all manufactured product to the very poor world wide through medical and various charitable programs.