Dr. David Weber D.V.M.

Blessings to you and yours! I've cured five out of five panleukopenia kittens four weeks old. Panleukopenia usually has a 90% mortality rate. I squirt it right in their mouths every day.  They run around the cage eating drinking playing with toys.


Marcie Erickson, Co-founder and Co-director of Grace Center n Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

We have been greatly blessed by Biocence. We have found the greatest success in the gastro-intestinal illnesses. The results I am seeing for vomiting and diarrhea are amazing and this is probably the greatest health issue we have here. Thank you again. We are so grateful. You are truly saving lives here.


Lori Lord, RN, Austin TX. I am a registered nurse and have used Biocence for years, primarily for wound care, as an antiseptic and antibacterial with great results. Most importantly, Biocence kills harmful bacteria without damaging regenerative tissue. Great product!


Rick S.Garrison, M.D. I have now been using Biocence for my patients for over a year. I have several cases where the application of this compound has resulted in improvement and resolution of skin infections caused by MRSA (i.e.Methicillin Resistant Staph Auereus). In addition, I have also used it with success with patients who have an indwelling gastric tube for infections that occur around the opening. I recommend it highly as a safe and effective treatment for these conditions and will continue to use it on our patients as well.


Jim Baiseri (Business Consultant) Enterprise Risk Analyst – Minority Business Development Agency – U.S. Department of Commerce

This is a miracle product without any side effects. I use it for any and all injuries, cuts and bruises. I also use it as a preventive use product against any upcoming virus. I have used it for toe fungus and found it to be very effective in arresting this condition. I developed this condition when I was in Viet Nam and have never found anything to control it. I developed prostate cancer and had a radical prostatectomy and the surgeon told me that some of the cancer had migrated to the bed of the prostate and that I may have to have radiology treatment. I have been using this product sublingually daily and my PSA has remained at less that .1 which is considered undetectable. My doctor remains puzzled as to why the cancer cells remain dormant. I recommend this product to everyone!


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Regina Bardo, RN Infection Prevention Surveillance Nurse Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo, Ca., Mission Hospital, Laguna Beach, Ca.

I work in Infection Prevention at Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo. I recommended Biocence® seeing dramatic Improvement in an MRSA skin infection that, despite a year of topical and oral antibiotics had not completely healed.

Thanks so much!

This report from an Infection Prevention Surveillance Nurse (RN) whose job it is to see what is true functional medicine working to prevent deaths from infections, verifies what Biocence® is and does: Reduction in infection causing diseases while greatly reducing healthcare cost.



The ARMY NEEDS BIOCENCE...the universal medical remedy to kill any/all known bacteria or germ, on contact, with no side effects. I am a 35-year-old Army veteran, Major General (RET,), and have used the oral/topical fluid for over 15 years while trying to have our ARMY get it throughout our own medical treatment umbrella...literally hundreds of thousands of lives will be made more livable and longer.

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