Extensive 3rd party ISO/FDA licensed labs and clinical testing confirms that Biocence® is the only Topical Antiseptic that kills all disease causing organisms tested to date (800 plus pathogenic/opportunistic Pathogenicity microbes (bacteria, virus, yeast, mold and fungi), either on contact or in less than 30 seconds without harm to healthy, uncompromised epithelial and endothelial cells.

Laboratory studies in BSL 2, 3 &4 facilities have demonstrated a 30 second or less “kill” time with bacterial, viral and fungal, pathogenic agents the likes of E. coli, K. pneumoniae, E. cloacae, Acinetobacter, Enterococcus spp, to include VRE. Among the staphylococci both MRSA/MRSE, Beta-hemolytic streptococci, Enterbacteriaceae, otherwise known as the gram-negative organisms isolated from the gastrointestinal tract, which include non-enterics such as Pseudomnas aeruginosa, bactericidal against both the Ames & Sterns strains of Bacillus anthracis both Spore and vegetative form in several replicate studies. Asperigillus niger, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas putida, Pseudomonas stutzeri, Enterobacter cloacae to name a few.

The World Health Organization identified antimicrobial resistance as a severe and rapidly growing threat to global health that could undermine decades of progress in combating infectious diseases and preventing healthcare related infections. The true cost of antibiotic resistance will be 300 million premature deaths and up to $100 trillion in global economic losses by 2050.“A post-antibiotic era means, in effect, an end to modern medicine as we know it.” – Margaret Chan, Director General, World Health Organization

How it works

Biocence creates its “Pan-Microbiocidality” by the panoramic, vibrational or oscillatory frequencies in the Biocence Botanical Complex (BBC) that cause organistic disruption by confluent entrainment with the organisms’ Mortal Oscillatory Rates. This explains why the BBC has shown, repetitively, a Trans-Domain and Viral Kingdom “cidal” effect, regardless of the domain/kingdom Pathogenicity microbes. As Nikola Tesla, the incomparable electro-physicist, stated: “If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” Unlike many other sanitizers and antiseptic products, Biocence does not require a metabolic dynamic or growth phase to kill microbes.

Anything, whether inert, inorganic or eukaryotically pathological, will ultimately create DNA fracturing and mitochondrial dysgenesis. This will engender a trans-generational propensity, and what we call, "Adversomics." This is what we see in ALL Phase III scientific studies performed by Big Pharma; the 1-2 decade later adverse effects from ALL synthetics. It is about discordant frequencies and the disruption of energy vibration from our cellular receptors, both receptor and effector. "Natural and anti-nutritive" molecular structures (Biocence complex) has a "concordant" energy frequency when linking with receptor/effector sites on our trillions of somatic cells and microbiomic microbial entities. Synthetics create a continual dys-dynamic of "Sympathetic Dominance" and it produces an acidic, systemic environment, creating inflammation, disease and death.

suggested Wound Care

Whether acute or chronic, wound healing is predicated on two axiomatic absolutes: A. Oxygenation and B. Effective Asepsis. An ideal application for wound care is a product line which gives effective and validated, “selective microbial, anti-pathogenic, pan-microbiocidal” activities; one which will not create a resistance modality during extended usage and one which is eco/bio-friendly with confirmation in repetitive BSL 2-4 laboratory testing to eradicate, within 30 seconds or less, all Pathogenicity microbes within the six most responsible pathogenic, disease-generating, bacterial Phyla, ie: Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, Spirochaetes, Bacterioidetes, Firmicutes. Chlamydiae; ALL seven viral groups, including single and double stranded, RNA/DNA viruses, in particular the Gr. I, double-stranded, DNA viruses in the Family, Herpesviridae, including the HHV (Human Herpes viruses) 1-4 subfamilies (Herpes Simplex I-II; Varicella-Zoster virus; EB [Epstein-Barr virus =infectious mononucleosis].

Biocence is the only “Multi-use, Selective Antibacterial/Antiviral Human OTC Drug” manufactured in the USA and the only OTC drug granted approval for registry by the FDA to be listed as a “Multi-use (soft tissue injuries and wounds), Category I, Topical OTC Antiseptic.” The inordinate numbers of diabetic patients in this country with their significant Low Leg Syndromes, proclivity to tissue breakdown with resultant ulcerations and the mortality/morbidity “Pressure-Point” ulceration’ statistics of Assisted Care Facilities and SNFU’s, create a seemingly, limitless source of wound care demands with infectious co-morbidities and an escalation of “untreatable” lesions with their resultant amputation procedures; ALL engendering more post-op wound healing requirements and potentials for infection, disease and possible death.

Biocence has successfully treated and healed a number of “scheduled for amputation,” diabetic patients and the patient salvation of no post-op recovery pain and marked immobility, along with significantly reduced patient and hospital costs, are enormous. Biocence is a proven, clinically effective “selective microbial/antimicrobial” player in this national and global arena of diabetic wound care, acute and chronic; effectively suppressing diseases and healing infected, recalcitrant and unresponsive, wounds.

H1N1 Virus

"Not only did Biocence eradicate the H1N1 virus within the culture cells, but it left the culture cells infected with a non-pathogenic bacteriophage (non-pathogenic virion used in the control cell-culture) unaffected." - 2009 Study on Biocence vs H1N1 Virus

This is a summary of the results for the virucidal efficacy testing of BGP Liquid Complex batch 2123 against Swine Influenza (H1N1) virus in the presence of a 1% fetal bovine serum organic soil load using a virucidal suspension assay. No test virus was detected in any dilution assayed following the 30 second exposure time at room temperature (25 degrees C). A > 99.97% reduction in viral titer was demonstrated as compared to the titer of the virus control. The log reduction in viral titer was > 3.5 log10. All controls were valid. These results are considered preliminary as our QAU has not yet reviewed the completed study file. 

Staph infection

"OMG this spray works miracles!! Kicked my staph infection, sprayed it in my ears, nose, and throat to kick a head cold, helped with a friend's boil, helps with type 1 diabetic infections. Will never again be without a bottle!!"


Biocence has been proven effective against Anthrax in independent laboratory testing. 

The report published studies in The Journal of Burn & Wounds 12/6/04 titled “Combating Anthrax” “The Anti-Infective Armaentarium” has clearly shown that the efforts of your team in putting the formula together in the “Bio-Germ Protection” products details the success in eradicating the anthrax bug, as well as we believe will be successful against Smallpox, the Plague, and other pathogens possibly used by terrorist.  We have found it to be extremely effective against a majority of Enterobactericae, otherwise known as the gram-negative organisms isolated from the gastrointestinal tract, which include non-enterics such as Pseudomnas aeruginosa.  This product is also effective against the staphylococci and streptococci to include VRE.  The product also promotes wound healing and an effective antibacterial.
What I find most interesting and unique in the Bio-Germ Protection formulations is that it can be used not only for cutaneous protection and or infection but has application for preventing or treatment of inhalation injuries as an aerosol.  We have shown that the Bio-Germ Protection invitro environment is bactericidal against both the Ames & Sterns strains of Bacillus anthracis in several replicate studies.

John P. Heggers, PHD, FAAM,BCLD(AAB)
Professor, Surgery (Plastic) 
Microbiology & Immunology

Poison Ivy

We have received many testimonials from Biocence users claiming Biocence reduced the effects of Poison Ivy. 

suggested Urological Surgical Applications

  • Pre/Post-Operative Epithelial Disinfection/Antisepsis on all anatomical surfaces: men women and children of all ages.
  • Intra-vesicular lavage or fluid instillation as safe and effective antimicrobial solution for the urothelium and preventative antisepsis with ureteral reflux.
  • Intra-peritoneal or retro-peritoneal lavage or instillation of Biocence solution for safe and effective, post-operative antimicrobial antisepsis.
  • Pre-catheterization disinfection of inanimate surfaces and equipment associated with Ureteral Stint procedures, Cystoscopic procedures, Trans-Uretheral Prostatic procedures, Supra-pubic vesicular catheterization.
  • Safe and effective antimicrobial antisepsis with boy’s penile and scrotal surgical procedures and urogenital procedures in girls.
  • Safe and effective for Hand/Face Hygienic Clinical Protocols for ALL healthcare providers, Pre-op and Post-op.


Safety for patient of all skin types (adults & children) clinician, respondent and handler (in Vivo RIPT study data) FDA granted “Duality of Purpose” (Multi-use), ie: Protection by Prevention Through Prophylactic Applications). Over the last 13 years, Biocence has been safely applied without any recognized epithelial or systemic reactions in infants 2-3 months old and in pregnant women at various gestational periods. A statement made after (in Vivo) clinical vetting by the Wound Care Council of the GPO (previously named Novation llc) that Biocence is an “Advanced Wound Care Technology” “Biocence has been hand-selected by The Wound Council, which consists of seasoned WOCN’s (Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurses) and clinicians, to receive an Innovative Technology award because the Council concluded that the product demonstrates improved clinical outcomes to patients and there are no other similar products on the market.” An “Innovative Technology” award was given to Biocence.


“Selective,” anti-microbial (supports and nurtures beneficial microbes) efficacy while eradicating pathogenic microbial agents (those causing infection and disease). Biocence demonstrated its anti-viral effectiveness with a study (2009) using Monkey kidney cells,  performed at a BSL 3 laboratory against the Influenza A, serotype, H1N1, with a kill time of less than 30 seconds and an eradication total of 99.97%.  “Empirically through Observation” data supports nano-particulate “cidal” (killing) effects that address (fogging or misting applications) the eradication-effectiveness against the airborne routes of dissemination of bacterial and viral microbial agents.


The mutability of micro-organisms (viral, bacterial and fungal) and their escalation of re-assortment/recombination mechanisms, assures their survival, regardless of what synthetic pharmaceuticals are introduced into the treatment pharmacopeia. What is required is the health care system’s re-education in these axiomatic truths and the incorporation of therapeutic agents and protocols that address these clinical absolutes. Products and/or technologies that have demonstrated their “cidal” efficacy, without micro-organism engenderment of tachyphylaxis or mutagenically-induced drug resistance, are paramount to aggressive AMR suppression. A “selective” antimicrobial, pan- pathogenic, microbiocidal-drug marquee is required. This basic clinical requirement is absolute if the unique, singularity of all closed systems can effectively address the microbial-variants that are in habitation in each and every different closed system.