Biocence Anti-Pathogenic Botanical Multi-Use Antiseptic/Made In USA First Responders Use Biocence! Athletes Use Biocence! Hospitals & Doctors Prefer Biocence!

Biocence Anti-Pathogenic Botanical Multi-Use Antiseptic/Made In USA

Biocence® Technology was awarded a “New Technology” contract for its Third Party Certified Anti-Pathogenic Botanical Multi-Use Prevention and Treatment Technology. Biocence was approved by Novation’s Wound Care Council. “Biocence has been hand- selected by Novation’s Wound Council, which consists of seasoned WOCN’s and clinicians, to receive an Innovative Technology award because the Council concluded that the product demonstrates improved clinical outcomes to patients and there are no other similar products on the market.” Biocence is registered with the FDA as a “Human OTC Drug” and granted listing as a “Multi-use, Category I, Topical OTC Antiseptic.”


Biocence is a unique, incomparable and “stand alone,” Botanical OTC “Selective Microbial, Anti-pathogen, Antiseptic” that has shown in repetitive USA BSL 3-4 independent laboratory challenges, its 30 second or less “kill times” on ALL pathogenic Bacterial/Fungal Phyla and all VII viral groups, while supporting beneficial microbes. Its R.I.P.Ts have shown 100% non-reactive, treated epithelial surfaces, regardless of gender, age and ethnicity; and all components of the Biocence Botanical Complex have been given a GRAS rating by the FDA. Whether Biocence is being utilized for Wound (Acute, Chronic, Burns, Lacerations, Abrasions), Ostomy (Colonostomies, Ileostomies, Peritonostomies, TPN-shunts) and Continence Care (Intra-urethral and intra- vesicular catheters); Neonatal/Pediatric wards (IV sites, Intra-ventricular shunts, endotracheal tube apsepsis); Diabetic wards with pre/post-op amputees and their requirements for “stump” antisepsis and treatment of ulcerative lesions associated with the Low Leg Syndrome; and patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities with the innumerable, “pressure point” ulcerations, Biocence is an effective, safe and multi-purpose, “Human OTC Drug,” that will positively affect the morbidity/mortality statistics in all venues of the healthcare industry.