Biocence is a Botanical Drug that performs as Functional Medicine owned and manufacture in the USA by Bio-Germ Protection to eradicate Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and sold by BGP, LLC in Los Angeles, California. Biocence is a non-based alcohol (green), antimicrobial, botanical-drug registered FDA #59998. Biocence has been registered with the FDA as a Category I OTC Topical Antiseptic. Evidence-based antimicrobial study data from independent laboratories has demonstrated the effectiveness of Biocence in prophylaxis/prevention and the assistance in mitigation and eradication of the pathological effects in pathogenic microbial entities. Biocence Anti-Pathogenic Selective Multi-use Advance Wound Care And Antiseptic Droplets is currently used in wound care for prevention, treatment and cures in bloodstream infectious diseases caused by Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) bacteria and viruses while greatly reducing health care cost.

Allan Lord developed the formulation of Biocence in 2004 in Los Angeles, California. His research and interest in the regenerative properties of natural hydrocarbon components led to his experimentation with organic substance entities: ie., flavonoids and terpenoids. During his years of extensive research he delved deeply into understanding the use of flavonoids and terpenoids in protecting plants and herbs from bacteria, fungi and viruses. Lord eventually concluded that by using a specific combination of “nature’s anti-nutrient protective organic bio-chemicals,” humans and animals could be protected from microbial infections; furthermore, they could be treated with this complex, which could help eradicate pathogens that cause significant human and animal morbidities and death.
From 1995-2012, university and independent clinical studies verified that Lord’s formulas were able to successfully eradicate over 800 pathogens and “opportunistic pathogens,” involving bacteria, multi-cellular and uni-cellular fungi and viruses.
In 2007-2009 at FDA certified and licensed
bacterial and virucidal laboratories, it was repetitively verified that the Biocence technology was able to eradicate, on contact or in less than 30 seconds, numerous emerging “superbugs,” ie. MRSA strains, Proprionibacter acne, Acinetobacter spp, Escherichia coli and developing virulent strains, Enterococcus faecalis, H1N1, Candida spp, Aspergillus, Pseudomonas spp, Salmonella spp, Mycobacteria spp. and many others.
To date (2017), the Biocence technology has shown “no microbial resistance” in studies done by Government and independent FDA licensed Bacterium and Virucidal certified laboratories. The clinical R.I.P.T. (Repeat Insult Patch Tests) with the Biocence products, applied in all ages, both genders and all ethnic groups, has demonstrated 100% non-irritability to epithelial surfaces.

The system is an all-botanical flavonoid/flavanoid/terpenoid complex. Its pan-antimicrobial properties have been demonstrated in third-party, level 2, 3 & 4 microbiological laboratories over the past 17 years. The Biocence technology's effectiveness in trans-taxonomic domains (Prokaryote and Eukaryote) and the “Viral Kingdom,” have been clinically shown to prevent and treat the escalating pandemics of pharmaceutical drug-resistant microbes.
Method of Action and Effectiveness
The lack of microbial resistance to the Biocence technology, creates a very plausible and scientifically-supported supposition of the pan-antimicrobial “cidal” activities in the Complex. In the mid-20th Century, Royal Rife, American Inventor (Vibratory Medicine; Dr. James Oschman, “Energy medicine: The Scientific Basis;” Barry Lynes, “The Cancer Cure That Worked”), demonstrated through exhaustive study and data accumulation, that ALL organic and inorganic structures have an inherent “Coordinative Frequency,” and all organic molecular entities have a specific “Mortal Oscillatory Rate.” It is with these data that the modern scientific field of Vibrational Energy Medicine was introduced. The Taxonomic Trans-Domain (Prokaryote and Eukaryote) and Viral Kingdom Antimicrobial “Cidal” effectiveness of the Biocence technology creates a very strong supportive supposition of the mortal oscillatory rate (MOR) pan-antimicrobial foundation of the Biocence technology “cidal activities.”
Whereas synthetic, pharmaceutical antimicrobial drugs are created with a finite, reductionistic focus on a specific, metabolic cascade interruption or receptor agonism or antagonism, these antimicrobial effects create a platform for rapid genomic expressive secondary to epigenetic modulations and the resultant, antimicrobial-drug resistant organism. With the recognized Bacterial (Prokaryote), Fungal (Eukaryote) and Viral Kingdom “cidal” activities, and with the majority of pathogenic, microbes dying “on contact,” but all within 30 seconds, no other plausible and scientifically supported Method of Action has been found to explain this multi-domain and viral kingdom antimicrobial effectiveness. The broad-spectrum of vibrational or oscillatory frequencies within the technology of Biocence creates a “Universal MOR” for pathogenic microbes, while creating an environment of healing and metabolic support for both non-pathogenic endothelial and epithelial tissue.

Active Ingredients
Biocence active ingredients include natural and organic oils and raw materials of Eucalyptus, Thyme, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and other natural oils. This proprietary complex of ingredients is based on a balanced composite of hydrocarbon flavonoid/flavanoid and terpenoid components, mixed into an emollient base for optimal preservation.
Biocence is produced and manufactured exclusively in THE USA, for BIOCENCE TECHNOLOGY/BGP, LLC.
Biocence is an efficacious, safe, 100 % “All-Botanical,” Category I OTC Topical Antiseptic and a CTFA (Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Assoc.), approved, “stand alone, and green preservative system. The Biocence technology has a G.R.A.S.E. (Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective) status by the FDA.